Integrity and Fortitude


After decades of building experience, our founding leadership came together in 2009 with the determination to become leaders in the framing industry. Since then, ACS has recruited and attracted the very best in the business. From our design and accounting staff in the office, to our experienced field supervision, and our founding leadership, we demonstrate integrity, determination, and adaptive problem solving. Together, we have the fortitude to specialize in the kind of challenging projects that makes ACS a leader in the rapidly-shifting field of multi-family construction.

Chief Executive Officer

Chad Trott

Chad Trott is the Chief Executive Officer of the ACS Group. Chad has leveraged his decades of experience in the multifamily construction market to build the reputation of ACS as a leader in the industry with unparalleled reliability and quality workmanship. Chad’s steady and solutions-focused leadership has earned him the reputation as one of the industry’s most trustworthy and reliable partners on jobs of all sizes across the greater Phoenix metropolitan region and California.

Chad has spent his entire working life in the framing industry honing his insights on market forces and best practices. He was the President at Structural I Company Arizona and was responsible for the growth and market prestige that the company held in the Arizona market. He has accumulated decades of experience and leadership and prides himself on his attitude of perpetual growth and learning.

Chief Strategy Officer


Formerly the CEO, Bret McLeod now serves as the Chief Strategy Officer of ACS, advising the executive team and maintaining critical client relationships. He spent over a decade at the helm of ACS, focusing on growth and the challenges specific to the Northern and Southern California markets. He presided over incredible growth at ACS as it successfully weathered various challenges while consistently delivering successful multifamily projects in a range of sizes. From 100,000 sf to 750,000 sf, 1 to 5 story with loft, zero property line, uptown to downtown, complicated plans, tower cranes, mixed-use Bret did it all with ACS.

Previous to his work at ACS, Bret was the Director of Operations then President of Structural I Company California, a wood framing contractor operating primarily in Arizona and Southern California. During his tenure at Structural I, Bret successfully stewarded the company’s expansion into the Southern California market and established his reputation as a reliable and innovative leader in the industry.

Chief Financial Officer

Laura Kempston

Laura Kempston is the Chief Financial Officer for the ACS Group, operating out of our Phoenix, AZ office. Since 2014, Laura has been responsible for the financial planning and strategic direction at ACS, facilitating growth and ensuring resilience for the company’s continued success. Laura’s financial acumen and organizational leadership has provided ACS the security and stability necessary to become a leader in an ever-shifting, constantly evolving industry.

Previous to her role at ACS, Laura was Chief Financial Officer at El Sol Construction. She started her career in construction at Structural I Company where she learned the financial intricacies of the multifamily framing business as a staff accountant and then accounting controller. Laura studied business administration and management at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and earned her AAS from Lincoln School of Commerce in 1991. She has been a member of the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) Sun Valley and Orange County Chapters since 2014 and a member of the Society for Human Resource Management since 2015.

Chief Project Officer

Blyth Perea

Blyth Perea is the Chief Project Officer for the ACS Group, operating out of our Orange, CA office. Since joining ACS in 2015, Blyth has assumed responsibility for a wide variety of operational and strategic needs in both California and Arizona markets. Her keen attention to detail and forward-looking analysis are behind the well-deserved reputation of ACS as a precise and efficient operator in the multifamily construction industry.

Prior to her tenure at ACS, Blyth was an attorney at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP, a global business litigation firm headquartered in Los Angeles. Working in their New York offices, Blyth worked in all phases of complex residential mortgage-backed securities litigation, representing monoline insurance companies and government-backed entities asserting breach of contract and fraud claims. She holds a BA in Political Science from University of Arizona and in 2008 earned her J.D. from Pace University School of Law. In 2020 and 2021 Blyth served as President of the California Framing Contractors Association.

ACS has been a member of the Arizona Subcontractor Association since 2015, the National Safety Council since 2015, and the California Chamber of Commerce since 2019.

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